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10 x R5000 Cash prizes to be won in our launch competition

Shop N Sell S.A allows you to sell goods without setting up your own online store. We provide you all the tools you need to competitively advertise online at no cost to you. .

The advantages gained by joining an online marketplace. Vary between industries and businesses, and between buyers and sellers. 

Advantages of Shop N Sell for your business

Shop N Sell potential benefits :

  • We provides an additional channel to market aswell as sell your products .
  • We build our audience 24/7 increasing your viewership and sales.
  • Shop n Sell offers reduced marketing costs when compared to other sales channels.
  • Advertising with us allows yu access to new opportunities for sales to clients anywhere in South Africa.
  • There has been noted online marketplace growth in the categories of homeware, pets, fashion and sporting goods.
  • We are popular with customers and offer a convenient way to compare prices and products from a single source
  • Being an established online marketplace. We provide a level of trust between you and the buyer.
  • As a verified user new customers are given the confidence to buy.
  • 24/7 functionality allows you to always showcase your products and services.

When selling your things online, you always run the risk of dealing with a shady buyer, which is why it’s important to check that the site you’re using has your best interests in mind.

Don’t ignore red flags

Once you’ve started a conversation with a seller or buyer, take stock of anything that seems out of the ordinary. “If someone makes strange requests, won’t answer basic questions, only wants to communicate outside the app, asks for a deposit—those are red flags,”

If you feel a buyer or seller is scamming people. Alert us immediately by reporting the person.

Shop N Sell S.A is A division of Aisure group International